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The attorneys at the Carter Law Firm help individuals and families in Mobile and Baldwin counties in the important areas of will drafting and probate administration, making sure their wishes are carried out and needs are properly met under Alabama law.

Will Drafting

The will is the foundational document for your estate. With a will, you direct where all of your property will go after you are gone, including to family members, friends, charities or educational institutions. In addition, the will is the place to name an executor of your estate and to appoint a guardian for any minor children who may be in need of care. Wills must be carefully drafted to meet the requirements of the Alabama statute of wills so they will be valid and enforceable in probate court. Wills must also be expertly drafted by experienced legal professionals to ensure they accomplish the goals you have set. Don’t take chances with your legacy. Trust the knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorneys at the Carter Law Firm to provide you with the advice and assistance you need to draft valid, enforceable wills that meet your needs and desires.

Probate Administration

Wills must be submitted to probate, which is a legal process in the courts used to determine that the will is valid, and to give effect to its terms. Probate administration requires many steps before assets and property can legally be distributed: assets must be gathered, inventoried and appraised; creditors must be notified; debts and taxes must be paid; and claims against the estate must be resolved. If the person died without a will, state laws of intestate succession will determine how the property will be distributed, but the probate process must still be completed according to law. Our attorneys help estate administrators and executors through the myriad tasks they must complete, advising and assisting on complex matters regarding real estate, taxation, potential litigation and other matters. We also provide representation in probate court regarding will contests, conservatorship, guardianship or other matters which may arise.

Experienced Legal Representation in Alabama Wills, Property and Probate Matters

For practical legal advice and assistance with every aspect of will drafting or probate administration in Mobile and Baldwin counties and surrounding communities, call the Carter Law Firm at 251-433-6500, or contact us online.

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