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Getting around Mobile as a bicyclist or a pedestrian can be a tricky proposition. With narrow shoulders and lack of protected bike lanes, and complicated, busy intersections lacking designated crosswalks, it is no wonder that bicycle and pedestrian accidents happen in such high numbers. When cyclists and walkers are doing their part by taking care and obeying the law, but are nevertheless run down or run off the road by distracted or aggressive drivers, the bicycle and pedestrian accident attorneys at the Carter Law Firm step in to hold negligent drivers accountable and see to it that the injured victims receive the care and compensation they deserve.

Alabama Bicycle Accident Facts and Statistics

When you think of bicycle accidents, you may think of inexperienced kids riding their bikes in the street, but children ages 15 and under accounted for only 26% of Alabama bicycle crash injuries in 2012, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation. In fact, the two age groups which experienced the most bicycle accident injuries were adults aged 41-50 and those 51 and over. Bicycle accident injuries and deaths affect riders of all age groups and all levels of skill and experience.

No matter their age, cyclists are expected to know the rules of the road and to obey them. Motorists, too, should know that Alabama law requires that passing of bicycles only be done at a safe distance. At the Carter Law Firm, our attorneys are adept at untangling complicated bicycle accidents, determining who is at fault and holding them accountable for the damages caused.

Alabama Pedestrian Accident Facts and Statistics

The 2012 Alabama Crash Facts reports shows pedestrian injuries occurring at nearly triple the rate of bicycle accidents in the same period. Yet due to the fact that pedestrians are even less protected than cyclists (no bicycle, no helmet, etc.), pedestrian deaths in traffic accidents were about eight times that of bicycle riders.

Pedestrians are expected to cross in designated crosswalks, and have the right of way when doing so. Yet it turns out that crosswalks are the most deadly places for pedestrians and most likely place for pedestrian accidents to occur. Another common danger for pedestrians includes walking on the shoulder of a road where no sidewalk or foot path is present. We help pedestrian accident victims and their families recover compensation from negligent or distracted drivers.

Safety Tips for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Bicyclists and pedestrians alike can benefit from wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing that makes them more visible to drivers. Lights and reflectors are available not only for bikes but can also be worn by walkers. Keeping visible and staying alert to the traffic around you are key points for avoiding bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Sadly, being a cautious bicycle rider or pedestrian is not always enough to avoid a serious accident. Drivers who are distracted by their cell phones or in-vehicle GPS and infotainment systems can clip a cyclist or run over a pedestrian without any warning. Impatient and aggressive drivers can push a bicycle off the road and into a dangerous crash without any time for the rider to react. Serious injuries or worse are most often the tragic result of these vehicle encounters.

Serious, Dedicated Representation for Mobile Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a Mobile bicycle or pedestrian accident, contact the Carter Law Firm for a free consultation on your possible claims for compensation.

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