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If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, you may be reeling from the news. You may also be confused about the various penalties, whether you’ve been charged with a federal crime or a state crime. In Alabama, drug charges have very stiff penalties. You could find yourself paying expensive fines and facing jail or prison time for a possession, trafficking, or distribution drug offense. This can even involve a DUI (driving under the influence) because DUIs can involve driving while impaired by drugs. A DUI conviction can result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

It’s important to take these drug charges very seriously and quickly. What you’ll need is a law firm who understands the nuances of drug crimes, the Alabama judicial system, and how to handle your specific case. By securing the legal services of the Carter Law Firm, you’ll be able to get the aggressive representation that you will need. With the experience of founding partner Jerome Carter, a former prosecutor, you can rest assured that the Carter Law Firm can provide you with a strong defense for your drug crime case.

Types of Drug Crime Charges

When you are charged with a drug crime, you may come to realize how complicated federal and Alabama state drug crime laws are. The following are a few of the drug crimes you may be charged with and the resulting penalties you could face.

Drug Possession

Drug possession may sound like an unserious drug crime, but the state of Alabama has strict penalties for this charge. Drug possession involves more than having them on your person. It can mean finding drugs in your home, car, or beside you in a public place. You can be charged with drug possession for the following substances:

  • Crack/cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • OxyContin, pseudoephedrine, and other prescription drugs
  • Other kinds of controlled substances

Most possession charges are Class C felony charges. Penalties can widely vary, due to the kind of drug, the quantity of the drug, how old the offender is, and if this is a first offense. Most drug possession penalties come with a least a year of prison time (10 years maximum). Fines can be up to $15,000. In order to beat these kinds of charges, you’ll want to turn to the Carter Law Firm to provide you with dedicated, experienced legal counsel.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

You may think that having gardening tools, tobacco pipes, and mixing devices can’t be associated with drugs. But those types of items can fall under a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. Possession of drug paraphernalia means you use or intend to use items that can or are designed to produce, store, sell, or use drugs. Such items include pseudoephedrine (an ingredient found in cold medicines), baggies, scales, etc.). This particular charge is usually in addition to other drug crimes.

The first offense is a Class A misdemeanor, and then subsequent offenses become Class C felonies. Penalties include up to a year’s prison time and up to a $6,000 fine.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking involves the large-scale trading of drugs. This drug offense is one of the most serious drug charges because it can involve crossing state or national borders and thus will most likely become a federal crime.  The penalties for these crimes are even stiffer than drug possession charges, carrying mandatory minimum sentences of at least three years for the first offense, and much higher, up to a life sentence, if found with larger amounts of drugs. If this is found to be a federal drug crime, then seizure of money, firearms, drugs, and property may occur. Deemed a Class A felony, drug trafficking can also carry a penalty of up to $50,000. Penalties vary based on the quantity of drugs found, if minors were involved and whether the trafficking occurred near a school. Additionally, other serious charges such as racketeering, conspiracy, and involvement with a trafficking enterprise may be added on in addition to a drug trafficking charge.

When faced with such severe charges and penalties, you need legal representation that can sift through the evidence that has been gathered against you–evidence that may not be complete or accurate. The Carter Law Firm will thoroughly research your case, find the best investigators and experts, and do their very best to get you exonerated.


Drug Distribution

Like drug trafficking, drug distribution is a serious drug offense. Drug distribution is defined as delivering, distributing, furnishing, giving away, or selling any illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances.  Drug distribution has no misdemeanors and is a Class B felony. Penalties for such charges are also heavy.  You could be facing at least 2 years in prison (maximum of 10 years) and up to $30,000 in fines. These punishments can significantly increase if distribution was found near a school or near public housing, or if this is a repeat offense.

Even though the burden of proof is on the prosecution, you should still take this drug charge very seriously. You will need an experienced criminal defense law firm that can comb over the details of your case and see what the prosecution may have failed to prove. Contacting the Carter Law Firm is the next and best step you can take when facing such drug charges.

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Drug charges, whether it’s a simple possession case involving marijuana or a more complicated case of drug trafficking, carry harsh punishments in Alabama. Your life could be changed forever. By calling the Carter Law Firm, we can look at your options. Drug court or deferred prosecution may be one of those options if you’ve been charged with drug possession. Don’t give up hope. You do not have to face these charges alone. Instead, you should contact Carter Law Firm, P.C., at 251-433-6500 if you live in Mobile, or 205-202-4050 if you reside in the Birmingham area.  You can fill also out our online contact form. Either way, one of our attorneys will contact you to help you with your legal needs.


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