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Divorce and other family law matters are often emotional times that are difficult to get through. That does not mean that your divorce or child custody dispute has to be resolved in a bitter, hostile court battle, though. Having caring and experienced family law attorneys on your side can help to resolve the issues amicably and in the best interests of all involved. In the event litigation is necessary, your lawyer can provide effective advocacy that protects your rights and promotes your best interests. The family law attorneys at the Carter Law Firm help individuals and families in Mobile and throughout Baldwin County in divorce, paternity, adoption, dependency and other family law matters.


Alabama has several “no-fault” grounds for divorce, such as incompatibility, an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, or a voluntary separation for more than one year, in addition to several fault-based grounds. In either case, having the marriage dissolved is only one aspect of the divorce. Just as important is how the parties will deal with issues of child custody, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony/spousal support) and the equitable distribution of marital property.

If any of these issues are contested, they will be decided in family court following a period of litigation and a hearing. The family law attorneys at the Carter Law Firm help clients in both uncontested and contested divorces, helping the parties reach agreement or litigating any disputed matters to resolution. Post-divorce, we represent clients seeking or challenging a modification of child custody or support, or needing help in contempt proceedings or enforcement of Alabama domestic relations court orders.


A child’s legal and biological father is obligated to financially support his child and also may have rights to custody and visitation. If paternity has not been established prior to a divorce or legal separation, the question should be decided so important issues of custody and support can be determined. Genetic testing is only one way in which parentage may be decided. We represent clients seeking to establish or challenge paternity in a divorce or separate proceeding.


Helping families grow through adoption is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling aspects of our family law practice. Our family lawyers are particularly pleased to assist in stepparent and relative adoptions to help families grow closer and ensure that children feel accepted while also acquiring important legal rights and benefits. In some cases, achieving a relative adoption means terminating the rights of a biological parent, which can be a complicated matter in certain situations. We provide the dedication and legal expertise necessary to help make your dream a reality.

Dependency Proceedings

Certain persons are required to report any instance of suspected child abuse or neglect, and once a report has been made, Child Protective Services can move in very swiftly to remove a child from the home and institute legal proceedings for foster care placement or even a termination of parental rights and putting the child up for adoption. There are many actions other than physical abuse or neglect, such as failing to send a child to school, that can lead to dependency proceedings. Parents have the right to challenge these allegations in a dependency hearing and appeal a finding that a child is dependent. At the Carter Law Firm, our family law attorneys provide strong, effective advocacy on behalf of parents, children or other family members in dependency hearings and other matters before the DHR Office of Child Protective Services.

Comprehensive, Caring and Competent Assistance with All Your Alabama Family Law Matters

For help in divorce, adoption, paternity or dependency, count on the Carter Law Firm to provide practical legal advice and effective representation. In Mobile and Baldwin counties, call 251-433-6500 for immediate assistance from caring and dedicated Alabama family law attorneys.

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